Call for Papers FAQ

1. How do I submit an abstract?

Visit the submit page of the website here for instructions on how to submit your abstract. If you still have any questions please feel free to contact the conference team at

2. When do I need to submit my abstract by?

Abstracts must be submitted via the portal by 19 October 2020.

3. Can I submit my abstract by email?

All abstracts must be submitted via our online portal.

All abstracts must be entered into the online portal in order for them to be reviewed and assessed by the IGU Committees.

4. What language do I need to submit my abstract in?

Submissions must be in English only. The official language of the event is English and you will be required to present your PowerPoint presentation and submit your paper in English.

5. Is there a word limit?

Your abstract should be approximately 1,000 words in length.

6. Can I submit my abstract as a video?

Yes we accept video submissions. Please read the abstract Format Guidelines (which will be available shortly) carefully before submitting a video.

To submit a video file click here, you will first need to upload a Microsoft Word Document. Please include the text “Video file abstract submission”. Once this is completed, please email your video file as an attachment or in a web link to with the email heading “WGC 2021 Video File Submission [Your Name]”. Once this has been completed, please return to the online portal, select “Continue” and complete the submission process.

7. Can I submit more than one abstract?

There is no limit to the number of abstracts you may submit, however you may only submit one abstract per topic. You may not submit to multiple topics.

8. My paper has more than one author. Is it possible to submit the abstract under all authors names?

Although your abstract and paper may be written as a collective group you will need to nominate one contact person who will then be responsible for all contact and follow up purposes. You may name all authors as part of your 1,000 word abstract.

9. Can I edit my abstract after it has been submitted?

Yes – once your abstract has been submitted you may log back into your account to review and edit the abstract. You may do this until the closing date of 19 October 2020. After this dates no further edits will be accepted.

10. Who are the IGU Coordination Committees?

The IGU has 11 Committees and 3 Task Forces who are working to advance the role of gas in a sustainable energy future whilst aligning with the International Gas Union’s role as the global voice of gas.

With over 900 committee members from over 49 countries the IGU Coordination Committees will draw on its member’s impressive global network of industry representatives to manage and lead this part of the conference program. For full information on the Committees and their Triennial Work Program please click here.

11. Who will be reviewing my abstract?

Each topic falls under the coordination of one of the IGU Committees.

The topics listed on the here are clearly labelled as to which Committee they belong to. Your abstract will then be reviewed by a select panel of Committee members who will review your abstract based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance and degree of benefit to the gas industry
  • Originality
  • Relevance to the conference theme “A Sustainable Future – Powered by Gas
  • Content and presentation quality
  • Conformity to the respective topic

12. What sessions will I be presenting in at WGC 2021?

If successful you will be asked to write a 20,000 word paper as well as a summary presentation which will both be published and presented at the 28th World Gas Conference in Daegu, Korea.

You will either be presenting in an Industry Insight session or in the Technology & Innovation sessions. When submitting your abstract topics are clearly listed under the type of session you will be presenting at.

More information about these sessions can be found here.

13. When will I be notified if my submission is successful?

Authors will be notified via the email address provided as part of the submission on 8 February 2021 if they have been accepted, wait listed or not accepted.

14. Is there a cost to being a speaker at WGC 2021?

Yes – all speakers are eligible for the discounted registration fee which will be announced shortly.

ANY QUESTIONS? Please don’t hesitate to contact the WGC 2021 conference team at or call +44 (0) 20 79780068

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